Lacrosse History: The Only NLL Game Ever Called Off Due To Fighting

May 8, 2014

Allow me to set the stage: it's the 1994 Major Indoor Lacrosse League season.  You're at a packed in game at the spectrum in Philadelphia where the Detroit Turbos and Philadelphia Wings are set to battle.  You might have only paid $20 for your ticket but you're about to get a lot more than you bargained for.

The game starts off as just any other box lacrosse game you'd seen before.  Passes were made, goals were scored, and fans were cheering.  All of a sudden, a huge hit happens.  A Detroit player nails one of the Wings from behind, and his teammates aren't very happy about that.  A fight breaks out and the Turbo wins, but there's more where that came from.

Now, after anything small that could possibly upset a player happens, one or two fights break out.  Boarding, a fight, a check, a fight, a slash, a fight.  Before you know it it's not just one or two players fighting, it's three, no, five, no, the benches are clearing!  It's a brawl!  The goals come up and meet at mid-field, after barely saying a word, they're fighting too.

The referees can't stand it anymore.  They game gets called, but it doesn't stop much.  Players continue fighting and no fans dare to leave.  The officials try their best to pry the players apart but they won't budge, so they just let them do it.  The fight until one by one all of the fights end, then the players leave, and so do you.

Okay, now that you know the story, here's the facts:

This 1994 game marks the only game in National Lacrosse League (the MILL changed their name to NLL in 1998)  history to be called off due to fighting.  This game showed many fights of intense anger and rage, in other words, these gentlemen were very angry.

Like any good story, there's footage, uploaded by some good people on YouTube:

Here is about a minute of footage of the fight:

Here is a longer version of the fight, but it has music playing over it the whole time: